The Weeping Angels

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The Weeping Angels are an ancient race of aliens from the long running sci fi series Doctor Who. Steven Moffat, their creator, attributes their appeal to childhood games such as Grandmother's Footsteps and the notion that every statue is secretly a Weeping Angel.

Their usual mode of feeding is to send their victims back in time, which creates time energy to feed on. When they are not being observed by another being, they can move very quickly and silently, but when they are being observed, they become "quantum-locked", occupying a single position in space and becoming stone. In this state, they are frozen and difficult to destroy. They cannot suppress this reaction. If two Weeping Angels were to look at each other at the same time, they would be trapped in stone form until an outside force moves them apart. To prevent this, they often cover their eyes while moving, which makes them look as though they are weeping.


Steve Jinks

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Steven ''Steve'' Jinks (Aaron Ashmore) is a former U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) agent who was recruited by Irene Frederic after having been told by Artie the nature of Warehouse 13. Jinks was intended to be Agent Bering's replacement, but after she returned to the Warehouse Agent Bering and Agent Lattimer resumed working as a team out in the field while he does any feildwork with Claudia Donovan if multiple artifacts need to be retrieved at one time. Agent Jinks also has the perfect ability to tell when someone is lying; even if the person lying is a master of deception, he would still be able to tell. However, certain artifacts, such as Richard Nixon's shoes, could nullify the ability. This power has other limitations: Steve seems to be unable to sense general deception, only baldfaced lies; in some ways this makes his power more limited and easier to bypass than Pete Lattimer's vibes or Leena's aura-reading ability. Someone aware of this limitation can use it against him, as Sally Stukowski did. Steve's power seems to need some concentration in order to work, it is active rather than passive.



Sam Winchester

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Samuel "Sam" Winchester is a fictional character and one of the two protagonists of The CW Television Network's Supernaturalalong with his older brother Dean. He is portrayed by Jared Padalecki.

 Sam Winchester


Colin Ford portrays the Young Sam Winchester.

Sam was born on May 2, 1983 to John and Mary Winchester in Lawrence, Kansas. He is one of two focal characters of the series. He is the couple's second child, four years younger than his older brother Dean. He is named after his maternal grandfather, Samuel Campbell.

When Sam was only six months old, his mother Mary was killed by the demon Azazel, whom his mother walked in on while he was feeding Sam demon blood. Sam is saved from the ensuing fire by his father, who then gives him to a four-year-old Dean to carry outside. Since that moment, Dean has felt responsible for Sam and became Sam's protector, partially due to pressure from their father to keep his brother safe.

Sam and Dean spent their childhood moving from town to town every few weeks while their father hunted supernatural beings and their mother's unknown killer. Until the age of 8, Sam believed that his mother had died in a car accident and his father was a traveling salesman, until Dean revealed to him the existence of the paranormal. Sam apparently started hunting alongside his brother and father around the age of twelve, however, he began wanting a normal life without monsters; years later, a teacher encouraged him to carve out a life away from the "family business" after reading Sam's story about a werewolf hunt. At nineteen, after a heated argument with John, Sam leaves forStanford University, thus leaving his family and their hunting crusade behind him.




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